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Terre-Blanche and Elaine de Jong

Settled on the North-Western edge of the Springbok flats, bird hunting and everything that goes with it, has become much, much more than just an occasional event. The meaning of the word "kennel" in our case indicate that we are registered with Kusa - NOT that we have actual cages/kennels where we keep our dogs. They are our pets and my hunting partners, and have free movement on our property. 

Hunting often, I became very specific in the requirements for MY "perfect" hunting dog - and sure, there are other breeds that will do the same things.

1. It had to be wire-haired. I love the looks, history and reputation of the wire-hairs. When I go hunting I want to hunt and be between friends - and not spend my day keeping dogs apart that wants to fight! They should acknowledge other dogs, even be social, but I do not expect my dogs to start fights if I have socialized them properly.

2. It had to be a large dog. It should be able to push through heavy, tall grass, reeds, walk in deep mud without getting stuck, should not disappear in millet or wheat fields etc. It should be able to retrieve from a pigeon to a spur-winged goose without a problem. For this reason it should also be a strong swimmer with an inherent love for water.

3. It had to be a closer working dog. All dogs can work close with training. I wanted a dog that would work for ME - and that means keeping ME in view while hunting - I don't want to search for a dog that's pointing somewhere on their own in the bush. If the area is open - they can run far and wide, but when it becomes more bushy I want the dog to work very close to me. It should pace itself and be able to hunt the whole day, and tomorrow, and the day after......

 4. It had to be one of the continental pointers - Hunt-point-retrieve. They also had to have a reputation for tracking lost/wounded animals.  

5. It had to be a HEALTHY breed!!!!! 

6. At home I want it just to be the family pet, safe with children when properly socialized.

Every dog-owner that has a specific breed comes to love that breed and will claim that it's the best breed on earth. For me it is very much so - except for a major difference. I fell in love with the breed even before I had them! So of course I will claim it is the best breed ever. Why? My requirements above were clear - and the Cesky Fousek fits them perfectly.

Our Goal

Our goal is to own, hunt, promote and possibly "re-establish" the Cesky Fousek or Bohemian Wirehaired Pointer breed in South Africa.

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